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Co-worker: *taking a book to shelve* Dr Seuss.

Me: *mishears as 'Dr Zeus'*

Me: Dr Zeus would be very different and probably much less suitable for children.

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A while back I was asked for Australian comedy recommendations and managed to completely overlook the brilliant Tim Minchin, responsible for such gems as this:

(there is another shorter version which includes the dedication to his wife here:
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And if you will kindly click through now, you will see an example of what is possibly one of the few ways the current US administration could bring me some measure of happiness.
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Brief little exchange with my sister.

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Blame [ profile] metaquotes.
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Finally managed to get back to class today. Been far too long since I made it to class and it felt good today; I have missed it.

Since I have not seen the past couple of lessons in this class I have fallen a bit behind. Catching up was hampered too by my lack of sleep lately, so for the most part I did not even try to read through the material we had been covering, only noting what it was for a more alert time. Despite this I still managed to be one of the more vocal students, and the teacher did remark that I was doing well for someone who had not been present the past couple of weeks. I still want to attend regularly but the reassurance was welcome.

It turned out class had been cancelled on Monday and I had missed being informed about this. Ah well.

In mid class break I went off with a group of other students to talk. Mostly had little to say as most of the conversation involved people settling in to their new library jobs. Toward the end of the break one of the girls asked about what I was reading, so I mentioned A Series of Unfortunate Events which is being read to [ profile] pazi_ashfeather, plus my abortive attempt at reading The Bourne Identity. Gotta find some new print reading since a lot of what I had has been reassigned to the 'read to [ profile] pazi_ashfeather queue and what I am reading now is... gah! Self-imposed rules. *mutters*

Anyway, this girl in my class had just been reading Harry Potter, although her current passion is Twilight, which she maintains is definitely superior. Plus she likes The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. Fortunately I have not read any of those so I did not have to give my opinion on them. Was still fun to get to talk about books with someone. Apparently she is quite surprised to find herself enjoying science fiction and fantasy.

In the latter parts of the class I nearly (let's say did and be more likely true) fell asleep from tiredness. It turns out a couple of weeks ago was Q's birthday - A gave her a quite large plush Totodile, which she hopes will not eat her chocobo. And she had some local business before going home so I declined to offer her a lift home because, having just fallen asleep in class, I felt it would be wrong to risk a passenger's life as well as my own coming home.

Now here I am.
I think I got it entangled with the previous lot. Drat.

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"What if I told you I could give you something which could have you looking like the models and stars you see on tv and magazines in minutes?"

"No thank you; I already have image editing software installed."
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Although the galaxies depicted in Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis exhibit a remarkable frequency of terrestrial, habitable planets, it is also notable that such worlds in each galaxy exhibit generally a distinct, consistent terrain.

Specifically, nearly every world on each show is a forest, and the same forest within the show, but a different one between shows. Clearly significant - this researcher thinks the Atlantis forest looks greener and has higher resolution leaves than the SG1 forest, and possibly indicative of seeding by a hitherto unknown precursor species separate to the Ancients, or possibly merely a shift in Ancient aesthetic.
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It can be odd first seeing something subscribed to via a different source, but these days I hardly ever check my feeds. Regardless, this is from Jeff Vandermeer|Ecstatic Days via [ profile] infiniteviking:

Evil Monkey's Guide to Kosher Imaginary Animals*

*probably not this one
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This was played Monday night. Here are what I found to be the highlights of the show:

Video link here. Posted for Nina Conti's bit which begins at 2:20 but you are allowed to watch the whole thing if you want.

I told [ profile] flynnacatri at the beginning I was sure they were about to commit some horrible crime against comedy... they did, but somehow managed to pull it off.

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Scene: At home, cleaning. The phone rings. It is answered with a touch of irritation at the interruption.

PHONE VOICE: Hello, can I speak to Mr [legalname]?
AESMAEL: Speaking.
PHONE VOICE: No, I'm looking for Mr [legalname].
AESMAEL: That's me.
PHONE VOICE: Oh. *launches into sales pitch*
AESMAEL: *brush-off* *click*

. . .


Maybe next time I will say he is not here.
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For political sorts.

For those who prefer pornography.

I expect something will come along shortly to combine the two.
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This joke, it could have come right out of Excel Saga. That is a good thing.
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Stolen from [ profile] metaquotes:

Cutlery and Utensils: A Brief Taxonomic Study of the Evolution of Eusociality in the Kitchen
Trojanhorse Heales-Shadowfax, BSc (Hons)

The oldest known members of the Order Utensillida (Kingdom; Objecta, Phylum; Kitchenae, Class: Preparata) are those of the Family Incisidiformes; the Knives. Today the only common extant genus of incisids is the nominate genus Incisa, which are brood parasites.
From basal incisids arose the two groups of higher utensils; the nominate family Utensillidiformes, which includes the rarer and more solitary forms such as Whisks (Miscidae), the Slicers (Egg-Slicers, Ouefcoutidae, and Cheese-Slicers, Fromagecoutidae), and the predatory Meat-Tenderisers (Carneidae) and Garlic-Presses (Alliumsativumidae); and the large family Plataeiformes, or Spoons. The plataeids have two basic modes of life; monogamy (practised by the Spatulidae) and eusociality (as seen in the Plataeidae). The tendency for the more advanced plataeids to be smaller than their less specialised cousins is well documented.

Incisa cuculia, the Steak Knife Cuckoo.

Incisa cuculia is the most common of the incisids. Adults form colonies living in wooden blocks, and may be highly diverse in form. In general, females are slender, gracile forms known as boning or filleting knives. Males are heavier, and dominant males may become cleavers in later life. Juvenile forms are steak knives and seek shelter in the cutlery drawer amongst colonies of Plateus eusocialus, the spoon-bee, where they masquerade as soldiers until maturity.

Misca misca, the Common Whisk

This utensil is a parasitoid, ultimately responsible for the demise of any utensil drawer or jar. It draws nourishment from entangling other utensils and may end up snarling so many hapless victims in its maw that it can no longer function itself.

Meat tenderisers, garlic presses, cheese and egg slices, (genera Carna, Alliumsativum, Ouefcouta and Fromagecouta)

Most utensil drawers will have only one or two of these hermit utensils; they do not cohabit easily and there is usually fierce competition between them until their numbers are reduced to a sustainable level in any one kitchen.

Spatula pisca; the Faithful Spatula

Technically, the spatula is the female of the species, where the fish-slice is the male form. This level of sexual dimorphism is responsible for their being placed often in separate species by early taxonomists. Interestingly, this genus practices live birth of young; young spatulas resemble the female closely but will be smaller and more rubbery, thus making them both easier to give birth to, presumably, and more useful to the cook.

Plateus eusocialus; the Spoon-Bee

These are an indispensible kitchen organism, eusocial with the ladle as queen, knives as soldiers, spoons of various types as workers, forks as drones and teaspoons being the larval stage. The spork is a sad hermaphrodite mutation, the increase of which is probably due to increased use of pesticides in food. Often, cooks will find measuring spoons (Plateus sucraetcetera) in spoon-bee colonies; thi is an example of symbiosis; by using the measuring spoon the cook is giving it more food, and the use of it for the task of measuring means more time in the hive (cutlery drawer) for the teaspoon larvae. If there is more than one ladle in the drawer, they will fight to the death and often wreck the drawer at the same time. This fight to the death may take years; it works by one ladle being pushed towards the front of the drawer, inducing the cook to use it more often and thus wear it out faster.

More research is being conducted as this article goes to press.

This is the kind of thing which prompts me to try and restrict delicious postables to other such gems[1]. Perhaps interestingly, biology is blue while chemistry is white and physics yellow.

[1] Although 'gems' is privileging the value of inorganic matter over organic as something to be treasured I did not find a suitable alternative. At least they are both reducible to impure carbon.
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Since reading through Cat and Girl I have read through a few other webcomics, none of which inspiring enough passion in any direction for me to write about, although they did manage to make me laugh very occasionally. Now I have to go back and change that.

Several days ago I was reading Cheshire Crossing, the comic Andy Weir is working on since Casey and Andy became too unbearable to finish. It so far is not plagued by the problems of his previous comic, perhaps because the cast is almost exclusively female. The art, so derided by all discussion of the comic I have come across, does not bother me - but then I do so often say I am without taste and enjoy things which are terrible.

This is not why I am writing this post. I am writing now because of a scene in the third volume (Cheshire Crossing is released in volumes) which, when I finally realised the reference ruined my nearly successful efforts to get to sleep that morning. Yes, Mary Poppins, water-melted in battle with a Wicked Witch of Oz, is cured by a "spoonful of sugar".
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It seems it was quite popular about two years ago, but [ profile] lost_angelwings showed me this thread in which people have taken Garfield strips and removed Garfield's thought bubbles. It improves the comic greatly.

Later, some people took it a step further and removed Garfield entirely. Poor Jon, delusional and alone.
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First via [ profile] lost_angelwings a peek at the opening titles of The Dark Knight:

From [ profile] whimsical_esper this version of the nativity which unfortunately I always missed out on. Thank you!
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    Click here for it.



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