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Urgent to do: find out why my new shoes are wearing so painfully on my right heel, make that stop happening.

Weird feeling today listening to an episode of SETI Radio's "Are We Alone?" on the drive home and they were talking about the 'new' movie Jumper. Thinking wow, I'm really getting into the present times now (no. Bush is on the outs as US president, Rudd is on the ins as Aus PM).

Let's get the sequence canonised for the day before yesterday's fight scene:

1) Harpy flies out of the statue climbed and attempts to use her Captivating Song on our heroes. Bolbins, the group's halfling rogue covers the ears of Jeanne, the group's (human) paladin of freedom to help her resist. They both fail, but Jeanne only barely thanks to the intervention, while Bolbins fails badly enough to give the harpy two free invocations on her song. The harpy demands her sister back.

2) Bolbins offers the harpy's sister in exchange for the captive the harpies took. The harpy proposes she kill and eat everyone and get her sister back that way. This is treated as a social conflict and the harpy doesn't roll as well as Bolbins, who has a negotiation stunt. The harpy marks off her 1-point stress box. Jeanne spends her turn attempting to throw off the effects of the harpy's song and succeeds, no longer under that influence. Unfortunately after this Jeanne's player needs to lay down and sits out the rest of the session.

3) The players respond to this declaration of hostile intent by attacking. Amena, the elven wizard, tries to use telekinesis to batter the harpy against the statue, but fails and in resisting this the wind of the harpy's wings buffets Amena to the ground.

4) Miyaro, the kitsune kensai, hurls her haunted sword Foxbane at the harpy. The harpy is unable to dodge quickly enough and the blade lodges in the harpy's back. The harpy marks off her 3-point stress box.

5) The harpy invokes her song against Bolbins, attempting to compel him to step off the ledge toward her and plummet to his death. Knowing there's a residual levitation spell on him from earlier, he voluntarily fails his save and with Amena's guidance they successfully make it appear as though he has been killed.

6) The harpy swoops in to grab her kill. Miyaro leaps up and grabs Foxbane, dragging the blade through the harpy's body (marking off the harpy's final 2-point stress box and is therefore Taken Out). After some deliberation on the part of Miyaro's player, she decides the harpy will be killed by this rather than driven off or knocked unconscious.

TO DO for Saturday: decide if the mother harpy will fight for / over her daughters or flee; decide how the captive harpy will feel about the destruction of her family (does she feel they abused her? is she so evil she is glad for the elimination of rivals? will she be heartbroken?).

Meanwhile have collected the pie dish back from the library, finding it empty and washed clean. The library is getting much quieter toward the end of the year, which is useful for me trying to catch up on the missing items lists of past months but can be awkward when between tasks.

Feel like there should be more to this day but whatever, just writing something feels like enough victory for now.



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