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Aiming to try an experiment tomorrow: if I want something to read over breakfast or before beginning my day, try the book I'm reading/next instead of browsing social media stuff.

The difficult part will be the question of catching up with messages sent by friends and loved ones overnight - when, and in what manner?

Prompted by: long-standing observation that checking these messages tends to cascade into checking social stuff and inactivity on intended projects.

Complication: also like to get exercise done early in the morning, and post-exercise tends to involve a shower+breakfast wind-down that naturally flows into this. A 'rest' before resuming the next intentional activity.

The goal here is primarily the striving to live in greater concordance with how I desire to live, with the means I have. This is of course a perennial quest which feels as though it is in a state of always failing. I do not therefore have a high expectation of success, especially not for more than a few days at most.


For a while I had been wanting to tell my parents there is only one person in the world aside from them who misgenders me or calls me by the wrong name, and he is a single library patron and my only interaction with him is when he borrows or returns a newspaper each week. But as of yesterday (the 24th for those keeping score, how fitting) this is no longer true - he said ma'am when requesting the paper, like I'd taking to saying in auto-response his saying sir each time.

Unfortunately today my family just had to speak over me to introduce me to friends of a semi-relative by the wrong name. But on the bright side there was a lot less overt racism for me to push back on.

I was however reminded that I deleted the ABC news application from my phone in anger, when they did not consider the results of the marriage referendum important enough to generate a push alert for. Feeling I ought to follow through and delete the other sources of news alerts from my phone since I mistrust the incentive to craft and push for intention rather than to inform.



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