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Looks like all the bad things waited to pile up today.

Got up early, or rather, did not sleep in, to get my car serviced. Difficult to stay unconscious all the way to my alarm as the cat my sister and her boyfriend adopted and then abandoned here this month is not a fan of folk sleeping past 05:00 when they could be feeding her. I ended up waiting in their office for three hours instead of taking a shuttle (no Christmas shopping as such to do - all I wanted was groceries, which did not seem likely to keep until the car was ready). pet's being sick so lots of worry and wanting to comfort, although we're sure it is short-duration. Doesn't make it any more fun.

Finished reading Power Girl: Power Trip pretty quickly (so ought to write down my thoughts on that while they're still fresh). Listened to part of spotify's 'composer weekly' on Julia Wolfe, noting down some works to explore later ("Dark Full Ride" and "Into the Clouds" stood out so far), and reading some of the GameMastery Guide.

Found out a friend is getting abruptly booted out of home by their long-term partner so lots of sympathetic distress and concern. And, too far away to be much of any help either. Fortunately there are others who can but still, lots worry. I don't think this will end in homelessness but it's still going to be extremely life-destructive, not even counting the emotional devastation.

Until I got back in the car I wasn't sure whether I would go directly home or get groceries first. Groceries proved to be a mistake, much later, when I got home and discovered the lid had been knocked loose on my water bottle and leaked through my bag. All seemed fine except the Power Girl comic I borrowed from work. I've done my best to dry it out while hiding from a hostile family aura for not letting in their dog when a storm suddenly arose and then disappeared. I worry I wasn't quick or thorough enough - shouldn't be hiding.

Things are not good.

Date: 2018-12-20 13:00 (UTC)From: [personal profile] cmcmck
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So how come said hostile family couldn't have let the dog in?


Date: 2018-12-20 18:30 (UTC)From: [personal profile] smurasaki
smurasaki: blond person (neutral)
Sorry it's been a lousy day. I hope things get better. :(



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