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Yesterday afternoon [actually Monday] I had what might develop into a revelation. I hate the weakness and frailty of being human, having to deal with sickness or age or being provoked or whatever. So maybe that is part of why I latched onto adventure stories or still hold onto them, and why it tends to get to me when those stories do go into torture or mind control or, really, anything that forces either the protagonists to show themselves as mortal or else to run up against my suspension of disbelief.

Here's a common, trivial sort of example: a character is taunted by another, especially with insults directed at family. The taunted character responds with ill-considered violence and suffers for it.

Perhaps to develop this idea in the future, when I can think more clearly on it?

Tuesday, the drive home included an episode of Writing Excuses put some familiar advice back in my awareness. I should follow it if I ever put KMS into editing. The first story especially should be starting much later than where I began it. Not going to act on that yet, not until I've got at least a few more written, a better feel for the shape of the characters and the world and the stories.

Today: cool and grey and not wet enough. The branch library was very quiet. Most complex part of the day was having to refuse to make change for someone (would've been cleaned out) while simultaneously getting a cleaner access to a locked room. Newish casual co-worker so some getting-to-know-you and showing her how to do a few things.

I marked off a large number of books and other items across several lists, all confirmed missing from the shelves for definite. Feels like I didn't do much today but really, that was more than thirty pages of missing items. That was plenty.

This evening resuming chess with my pet after several stymied days. As I've been telling everyone who'll listen, I managed to confuse her king with her queen and made a move accordingly... after that I just couldn't get my bearings. Plus her defences are pretty formidable to my eyes.

What I've realised tonight is I only know how to move the pieces in chess; I don't know how to play. Something new to learn.

Now, bed. Up early again in the morning to get my car serviced.



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