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My current objective with dreamwidth is to try writing most days about what I'm doing, what's happened, what I'm working on and whatever musings may be prompted by this. I write these using RedNoteBook, which is a tool I've been using intermittently for many years now. It's a good tool for diarying but not so great for preparing several posts on a variety of topics.

Today we started with a walk in the neighbourhood, be-hatted, with sunglasses and doused in sunscreen. It's a tough balance between trying to stay active and not die of skin cancer in this season. Then, an episode of Adam Ruins Everything with my pet (sleep! at first worried it would only be about mattress sales techniques which wasn't so interesting, but then it went on to confirm most of beliefs about sleep generally which was at least gratifying).

A couple of the players in my Fatefinder game had school deadlines so we're planning to play tomorrow (after assignments and exams are taken care of) and instead today I devoted several hours to the baking of that lemon meringue pie for next week at work. With any luck it will survive until I can distribute it to my co-workers.

Tonight, made sure to add those cultural elements referred to yesterday into my notes for the game so hopefully I won't forget them. And they probably won't even come up, like a bunch of the details I added for last session proved surplus to requirements. Better to have them than not and go wanting, tho. In this case I ended up flipping the direction which I'm feeling makes for a more interesting story and marginally trickier decisions.

Working a bit more on The Lost Heart. Managed to turn a creative block into The Artist of the Intersected Flesh, who I'm now quite pleased with, thanks to a bit of pet consultation. >^.^< Now I just need to decide who or why would become a dragon, and which -- like Pathfinder, Starfinder has an inordinately large variety of dragons and for a circumstance like this I feel it may be out of theme to have more than one.

So which dragon will we have, and what is it about this person who drives em to become a great beast of power and accumulation?

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While we are getting a mild, wet Winter which it certainly wasn't this time last year when there was a foot of snow on the ground!

Date: 2018-12-09 11:38 (UTC)From: [personal profile] cmcmck
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The snow is nice if you can avoid being out in it too much, especially if it leads to a white Christmas as it did last year.

What I really like is a sharp, frosty Winter.
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