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Much quieter day today. Ventured down to the shops and picked up ingredients to bake a lemon meringue pie - that will be Sunday's task, for the library Xmas afternoon tea next week. The plans I had originally laid for cooking this week grew too much for me to handle with the complication of pie, so with some quick thinking (relatively speaking) I roasted some vegetables and prepared corned beef instead of having to discover access points for previously unused ingredients and the possible improvisation they may have required.

Now winding down for the night I prepare to watch the latest episode of The Good Place with my pet, and life seems not so bad. Earlier, watched a fan-made Sailor Moon movie with a group of friends and suspect I enjoyed it more than the others did. Felt like there was a pleasing sincerity to it despite the bad acting and awful sound construction, and it was almost surely better made than most of the other bad movies we've been watching.

Practised some voice for tomorrow's game and getting a feel for potential creature actions, plus cultural elements in case something entirely outside scenario but within scope of my anticipations happens (for example- well, 'spoilers'). If they reach beyond that, well, I'll just have to stay on my toes.

For the Star Wars campaign, which so far is looking to be titled The Lost Heart, been looking thru Starfinder's Alien Archives for suitable creatures to represent warlords in season 3 and attempting to spin a little story about eir particular corruption and area of concern. Perhaps I better work on places and organisations too, but the latest one is leaning into supporting that direction already. And part of the creation of places and organisations depends on player character group creation anyway, so some but not all will have to wait until this one is ready to gallop off into the night.

So far we have the Lurker on the Reef of Stars, Prince of the Dead Sun, and the Reader of the Lost Archive



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