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 Misting rain smudges trees and grass, bringing solitary grey to their greens and yellows. Faintly from ceiling above, thunder promises more to come.
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Sky’s pink. I think that means tomorrow’s weather is gnomes or flamingos or something.
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Is later than I would have liked. Woken by it being 38°, tapwater's too hot to touch more than momentarily and having only made breakfast so far am already definitely sweating. Apparently sufficiently dehydrated too by sleeping to swallow a whole large mug's worth of water before even leaving the kitchen.
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After it has been raining and some have been spotted darting across the floor, or crawling up my leg.
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The Dark Days of Summer are here. That blend of light and dark, and heat, the green growing and the animate, the heavy shadow of clouds and spark of lightning, feel of the air in motion and the scent of water, cool coating all.

We are charged, and called to awaken.
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I wonder very much about continuing these. If I did not, then I would say nothing of most of what I read, and give it less thought than if I attempted to find words for each. If I did not, I would read more, and quicker. I cannot quite shake the feeling that posting these is a pointless mechanical activity, a task continued because it was once set.

These links do not form an entirely honest record. There are items I have read and not noted because I did not wish to give the tacit approval of a link and did not know how to express or form criticism of the content in question.

The reason the majority of these are from shared items is, of course, that I have resolved to first become current with those before reading material of my own subscription. Agnosticism / Atheism
  1. Bias and Vested Interest: Interpreting Facts Unreasonably [Well, yes. I strive to avoid this but on good days do not pretend I achieve it.]

Dispatches from the Culture Wars
  1. Even More Political Chutzpah [I suspect most people do not investigate such claims - I know I tend not to, and rely on information provided by those who do.]

Google Reader shared items
  1. Mysterious White Rock Fingers on Mars [via [ profile] gentle_gamer. Mars may not be my favourite planet (which is? none, really, the overexposure of Mars or any other location seen as a prospect for life grates on me) but areology is fascinating!]
  2. Because I can't help but make a LIAR out of myself [via [ profile] soltice. I agree with this post. That photo is far too pretty for me to quite believe. Really, flower-filled meadows? Wild grass is brown, not green, and never contains flowers. This sort of scene is about as fantastical to me as the elves and snow I read of in stories.]
  3. Inflation Theory Takes a Little Kick in the Pants [via [ profile] soltice. The people commenting (at least at first) do not seem have understood what they read - the main claim is that a previously thought clear test for inflation has been found to produced by other sources too, and thus detection of this gravitational radiation cannot easily be taken as confirmation of the theory.]
  4. Industry execs sound IPv6 alarm - is the sky really falling? [via [ profile] soltice. Mm. I tend to be wary of people saying we have plenty of time to deal with a foreseen problem. Often, it seems solving it takes longer than projected.]
  5. HP Mini-Note gets unboxed, causes extreme jealousy [via [ profile] soltice. Presumably this computer is a big deal.]
  6. Let's all pack up and move to Great Britain [via [ profile] soltice. Odd seeing posts from feeds I have subscribed to shared by other people, and not reading them more directly. this comment sort of seems on the nose to me:

    "Us Brits aren't precisely an areligious lot - most of us have some sort of faith, but it's so vague and noncommittal that it passes for atheism.

    You know the kind of thing - "I believe there's something comforting out there but I don't know what it is and whatever it is I'm not going to let it affect my life. It's just nice to believe sometimes."

    So, when Brits say they're afraid of "religion", what they're really afraid of is passionate religion. And seeing as Anglicanism is by definition almost never passionate, they're afraid of other religions being passionate. And in practice that means...Islam.

    When my countryfolk talk about the evils of religion, they're talking about mosques, the Quran and ramadan. But what they're thinking about is bombs.

    So you see we're not so elightened after all."

    Pam's House Blend
    1. NYT article on convention bloggers features Pam's House Blend

    1. Border Crossings
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Year's dark days arrive
Our home becomes
all hours, all places,
immersed in winter's shade

* * *

The hour of birds
Dominion theirs
Magpies, crows,
Dark-winged birds
About their business

Squawking lorikeets
Perched above in rightful protest
Of a fox like me
But they are too pretty to eat

* * *

Night comes early
Blending shade and light
Earth and air, water falling
Guides our path
Charges, exultant

Wanting to reach out
Call to lightning
But not yet
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Winter is a chill
which drifts within the air
Sprites waken cool, clear and mist and frost
caress my bones
Earth, water, cold and air
and opening up to savour
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    Frogs are smaller than I think. Always.

    Also, it is now that time of year in which flocks of parrots fly around squawking.
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    I went out shopping earlier. Did not find what I was after, probably just as well because a storm was breaking as I came home and it would have been soaked. My first time ever driving with lightning, with rain coming down so hard I had to turn the wipers up to full and everything turned to mist.
    The clouds themselves were not so dark, so the rain had to make up the extra.

    I did hear on the news that someone was killed by the storm, so perhaps it is fortunate we did not get it as intensely here, nor any of the promised hail. I did get soaked getting out of the car though, which is exactly the same as dying.

    My sheets were (are) out there though, so maybe I will sleep on a bare mattress or take this opportunity to dig up a set which fits my bed or just not sleep at all. Who knows?

    Also, I really must get to writing some time before midnight. Last night I managed 42 words of Elegant Girl, thinking I was inspired to finally write the story about the dragon. Unfortunately it turns out I was only thinking so. I also wrote 128 words for my Sekrit Projekt. That is not many and certainly not enough to make the average I should be to meet my monthly target, however it does have the advantage of being exactly as much as the story needed, no more and no less.
    So I am happy about that, if not my writing overall. Shall see what I can manage tonight, tho it would be better if I did not start tired.
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
910 / 9,300
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  1. One of my new least favourite things about summer is the wheel getting so hot it hurts to hold
  2. Heard an ad for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End on DVD. I hear the phrase "the trilogy comes full circle" too often. This time I was amused to realise it is accurate, at least for Jack.
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    I love the rain. It reminds me of water falling from the sky.
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    Today - yesterday now - was back to classes day for me. It was also a day which reached at least 32 degrees Celsius and that really ought not be on. Definitely edging into sleeping on the covers territory.
    On the plus side, waking 'early' in the morning is marvellous for getting oneself tired enough to sleep at a decent hour.

    Renewed resolution: cut out every internet reading which is not either a source of a joy or essential information.
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Rain, rain
Come again.
Go away
Another day.
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    Lots of instrumentation information here as probes study Mars during one of its famous dust storms. The rovers, however, are in an endurance race. Will battery power be sufficient for them to continue operating until the sky clears?

    I did not know the HiRISE team has a blog until I read that article. Now I am wondering how many other missions and instruments have blogs I could be reading to keep updated.
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Pursuant to my previous adventures I note that there has been flooding in the Hunter Valley and cars washed away in Newcastle. Neither of those areas happen to be in my immediate jurisdiction so stormwise I got off rather lightly.
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The world grows dark and cold, we slip into winter. I need to walk the world some more. Something in the air tantalises me.
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I was just conscripted for an emergency drive. It was delightful. Here, in the still-light early evening, cool and breezy with the promise of rain to make one feel life flowing through veins, are the days I live for.

'Twas perfect driving weather, though windows must remain shut until my hair is either restrained or shortened (new objective: discover how to wear hairbands with glasses), until it turned into the rainiest rain I ever did drive through. After I was pointed to the various anti-rain defences it was all okay and turned into a challenge to balance the whee of going fast in the rain with the eek of losing control and exploding (I erred on the side of anti-eek). The roads looked like thin rivers flowing over sheeted glass. Beautiful!
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Apparently the recent rain has caused flash flooding in Sydney. I am not one of those affected, if anyone had heard and wondered. Some kids were swept away in front of their school, according to the news, but they are safe now.
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Wonder of wonders - it rained today! All day, not just for a few minutes. The rain brought back memories of watching this show which I have not seen since I was about twelve, probably because it has not rained in that long*.
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It was a great surprise to have the right weather for this time of year. According to the news some even fell in the catchment area so water restrictions may not need to be tightened just yet, an even greater relief. Most of the time rain does fall here it is not in the places where it can do some good.

I just came back from a spot of night walking and it felt great. The smell of water soaking umbrella fabric is one I have sorely missed. It sounds like a bird when I flap it about; startled birds sound like fabric snapping when they beat their wings.

On the writing front progress is actually being made. For the first time in months i may actually have something to post on two consecutive weeks**. I suspect I have juuuust... now finished this week's entry, leaving tomorrow for editing. Possibly I may even be able to make some progress on another before bed, though it is quite late. Making writing a priority also helps answer the question  'How much online reading is actually important?' (almost none of it) much better than trying desperately to keep up with it and hoping there will be time for writing left over after.

Weekly progress updates have largely stopped because there has not been enough weekly progress to justify them; same with the story index. Plus I am largely a mess of chaos that just pretends to be organised but couldn't file efficiently to save its life.

Today's Thingies: Is my clumsy prose obscuring points which would be made clear by a defter touch? Shouldn't characters have personality? Why am I afraid to make it interesting? What is this thing, anyway?

*May be an exaggeration
**Caution: Writer in journal may be less productive than it appears



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