Publication has ceased for Seeing the Lights. The upkeep of that story has fallen short of the intention and would fall farther if continued, especially if I am going to be focusing on other things. What future it has, if any, is unknown. No further announcements are intended (excepting a public reposting of this one) unless and except in the case of some new definite decision.
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New post: The Rest Of Home

I thought this time off class would be an opportunity to get ahead, yet I am farther behind than I have yet been with this story.
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New post: I'm Back.

I expected this to be relatively long, and it is, even though it is not yet done.
New post: Drawing Blank.

Am on holidays for the next couple of weeks, so intending to get on top of things with this story, hopefully ahead again.
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New post: Quiet Day.

Also, there has been some elaboration on the previous entry in the comments.

Thanks to [ profile] gentle_gamer and [ profile] lost_angelwings for help with artist names in those two posts.
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New post: Busy Week.

I am disappointed I have not been posting more, but also proud of myself for continuing the story at all.
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New post: Work Party.

And done. Feeling truncated still but at least approximating what it was wanted to be. As well as I know how for it to be written, and one of the longer entries so far.
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New post: Or Not.

Somehow, I got confused about the dates. Even knowing this was supposed to be going up on Friday and the next on Saturday, I thought there still was an extra day for each. Consequently this one goes up late and the next still needs to be written. Hopefully there will be a second post later today.

Fortunately timestamps can be altered so they retrospectively appear where they belong. I still am disappointed in myself for not making it to deadline.
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New post.

Very brief indeed but, this is what gets posted today. Check back tomorrow.

Edit: A little more elaboration in the comments.
New post.
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New post: Recovery
New post: My Day Off

That delay was not actually planned. I want to write another post tonight to hopefully get ahead, which is still a goal.
New post: A Whole Week!

Yay, I wrote something. Now to do it again.
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New post: More Working.

More working for me, too, if I want to get another post ready in time. Might go do that now, there is a lull in class...
New posts: Carousel-Kabutah and Carousel-Kabutah Again.

The URLs seem to have been swapped around but each goes to the proper post.
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New post: Second Day!
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New posts: *yawn* and another one.

No missed update this time, just a two post day.



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